LaneMaster Snow Grooming Attachment

The patent pending LaneMaster™ is designed to produce solid smooth berms between your tubing lanes. Custom fitted to your groomer, the device can be attached to the blade in less than a minute and will provide a professional look to your park. Whether forming new berms or touching up after a snowfall. The LaneMaster™ will save countless lane grooming hours in a season.
On a typical hill with four or five lanes, the device can pay for itself in labor savings after one season. In addition to the compact look of the berms, they also require
less snow, saving on energy costs. By packing the berms tightly, it helps to eliminate chunks of snow or ice from falling into the tubing lanes creating hazards, or lane shut-downs.
The berms that are formed by the LaneMaster™ are typically not as wide as one made with a groomer increasing space on your hill and possibly an extra lane. With having a wide angled opening and three cross angled heavy urethane flaps, the snow compresses creating a tight form fitting appearance. There are no moving parts or mechanisms making the machine virtually maintenance free. Developed over 12 years ago, the LaneMaster™ has proven to be invaluable at over 35 tubing parks in North America, and is often used in other areas throughout the resort property.
Product Features:
Heavy galvanized ¼" steel construction
½" stainless steel groomer mounting plates
1" thick urethane curb forming flaps
Made in North America
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