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NEW! Ski Lift Tower Guard

Patent Pending Concept - Prevent Repainting & Decrease Tower Maintenance. Protects tower from damage due to lift riders misuse of ski poles, snow boards and snow equipment. Manufactured from flexible polyethylene plastic that is pliable and made with 6 adjustable webbing straps with winch buckles to form fit all ski towers. There is no pre-assembly required, just simply mount and secure to tower. Optional custom vinyl logo or decals available to advertise without defacing lift.

Lift Evacuation Safety Net

Designed for passenger evacuation
96" (244 cm) diameter
1000 D 19oz. PVC material
6 stock color options
12 reinforced grip handles
Strongest style of cross stitching with double needle machinery
Tube Pro will customize products to your resorts lift evacuation rescue plan

Ski Area Padding

Take advantage of our designing, cutting and sewing expertise for all your ski area padding and cover needs. Our stock tower and post pads are 2" (5 cm) and 4" (10 cm)
thick, with thicker specification and sizes made upon request. All standard padding is cut from superior quality automotive grade closed-cell waterproof foam. This foam
is great for impact absorption and is ideal for safety protection. No need to worry about mold if exposed to water or air moisture changes; you can leave these covered
pads out all year long! Pads utilize straps made with coated metal squeeze buckles or quick release plastic buckles sewn with adjustable strapping that easily wraps around poles and towers. Strapping is securely attached with reinforced stitch lines, therefore reducing strap failure.
The PVC outer cover for stock padding options is 19 oz. coated 1000 denier material (-55 cold crack minimum) and UV fade resistant, with various coated metal buckles and or black plastic quick release buckles sewn to adjustable strapping to easily wrap around objects. Many pad cover tops have a fold-over Velcro flap to enclose and secure the foam interior, which allows for cover replacement. Foam or covers can be purchased separately.
Common sizes are listed listed but all size requests are possible.

Hydrant Pad Covers

Tube Pro™ hydrant pads are designed to easily wrap around and fully protect various hydrant sizes and hose pipe configurations. Adjustable webbing straps and coated metal squeeze buckles work well for securing the pads but also enable quick access to remove the hydrant pad lid or hood for adjustments. We have two main styles that will accommodate virtually all hydrant makes and models. Tube Pro Hydrant Pads are designed angular shape and fold-over top lid, to completely enclose the hydrant for maximum concealment and protection. The use of 2" closed-cell waterproof foam ensures pad longevity, and provides great impact absorption from an individual, or grooming machine. Five heavy-duty straps with adjustable buckles ensure a tight and firm fit. Custom Hydrant Pads are also available, please call for design, and quotation requests.
Retractable Hydrant Hood Pads
Our Retractable Hydrant Hood/Post Pad System is the ultimate for efficiency. Pads can remain on the hydrant while making adjustments to valve and hose fittings. The front hood straps can be loosened for hood retraction but the hood is affixed to the post pad to prevent it from separating.

Electrical Pedestal Pads
Our Electrical Pedestal pads are made with closed-cell waterproof foam as are all other Tube Pro™ pad models. Our electrical box pads are ideal for concealing components from the elements and keeping snow and water from freezing around switches and outlets.

Chairlift Seat Pads

Sewn Easy-Clip Buckles
Tube Pro™ has designed universal double, triple, quad and six person chair lift seat pads with adjustable webbing straps. The straps are made with innovative sliding clip and buckle to apply the perfect tension for the perfect fit. These plastic buckles easily snap together and can be removed in seconds, saving valuable maintenance time mounting and dismounting the pads in the off season. Our chair lift seat pads can easily be flipped over for double the use and are made with closed-cell waterproof foam to prevent the pads from freezing. The seat cover material is made of our standard 19 oz. PVC 1000 denier coated polyester fabric. This material exhibits good anti-slip properties allowing for an easy sit down on the chair and safe dismount.
Custom sizes, styles and feature requests are welcome.
Aluminum Rod Insert
The aluminum rod secure insert is available for all seat pad sizes and works well with Poma and some other lift types. The rod through the front of the pad affixes to the seat as a static fit with spring adjustability to the rear rod connected at the back of the seat. The aluminum rod is very strong and wears well over time against the elements.
Chairlift Seat Covering With "Mega Grip"
Allows for easy loading and unloading on chair
Prevents slippage on chair during start & stops
Great for smaller children to gain confidence when sitting on chair

Willy Bags & Tubing Deceleration Bags

Willy bags come in a variety of sizes and colors. Willy bags are a great way to protect over sized or awkward shaped areas from impact. Three adjustable webbing straps and metal squeeze buckles make it easy to secure the bag in place. Tubing deceleration bags with Velcro side panels are an excellent way to create a variety of configurations for tubing deceleration zones to protect and slow down tubes in the run out area. Tube Pro Willy Bags are filled with closed-cell waterproof foam which is effective for impact absorption. A velcro top seal allows for foam fill to be added or removed for your desired firmness.Willy bags and waterproof foam fill can be purchased separately.
Modular Barrier Pads
Our barrier pads can be used individually or assembled in a modular system and are made in a variety of sizes and colors. Barrier pads are an effective way to define areas
down the slope or protect areas at the base of the hill where speed control is an issue. The pad core is made from both high density closed-cell foam; to create the structural shape, and with low density closed-cell foam for an impact absorbing core. For stationary pad placement our Barrier Pads have the option of a sewn-in Velcro strap system at the rear. This allows for the manual insertion of rods to fasten the pad to the ground. Alternatively, we can sew on two large 2" Velcro straps on the ends to form a continuous "modular" barrier system. The 8' (2.45 m) length is ideal for individual cross fall barrier protection, stopping runaway tubes in the lift line. Each pad comes with two rugged carrying handles for transporting around the ski hill, or the tubing park as speed conditions warrant.

Divisional Walkway Pads & Tube Lane Dividers

Tube Pro™ Tube Lane Divider Pads are a great way to create safe and economical separation between tubing lanes. Pads can be made with various colors of PVC coated polyester material that is abrasion and UV resistant. Take advantage of custom printing logos on the coverings for sponsor, event and branding opportunities.
Product Features:
96" x 7" x 8" (240 cm x 17.5 cm x 20 cm) Sizing: (l x w x h)
Solid open-cell foam block interior
19 oz. PVC coated 1000 denier canvas cover
Secure webbing tabs sewn to each end - mount to ground or lane structure

Snow Making Pads

Shield your snow guns from the elements and protect your ski/snowboard clients with these pads. Our Snow Making Tower Gun pads remain on the guns all winter long. There is no need to remove the pads to make hose or valve adjustments. The asymmetrical pad design allows for full handle crank padding coverage regardless of gun barrel angle. Our 2" thick waterproof closed-cell foam is perfect for impact protection and the continuous exposure to water and ice. The separate post pad for the gun tower does not need to be purchased if the surrounding snow will be deep enough. Multiple size option for pad works great for HKD Millenium, Focus and SV10 models and York style models. An alternative design is available for older gun models, and other Snow making manufacturers.
Full-Wrap Square & Tubular Post Pads
Full wrap-around pads are ideal for areas that require 360 degrees of padding coverage in high traffic zones, or for snow gun tower mounts. Pads are sewn with hinged corners and sealed closed with a 2" Velcro flap. The full wrap of the pad with 2-4" Velcro closures provides a secure, snug, and streamline look. These full coverage pads are ideal for athletic protection applications as well.
All sizes and design requests welcome in 2"-4" closed-cell foam.
Snow Making Fan Covers
Our snow gun covers come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are a great way to protect the snow fans and guns in the off-season. The draw string at the bottom prevents animals from nesting inside the equipment, or chewing through wiring. Ask about printing your resort logo on the covers as well.

Athletic Padding

Our wrap around post covers come in a variety of sizes and colors and pad the entire circumference of the pole. They are a great way to protect players upon impact. The 3" Velcro closure securely fastens the entire height of the pad . The padding within the cover is closed-cell waterproof foam, so pads can be left outside for the season.

Zipline & Aerial Rope Course Padding

Tube Pro™ has collaborated with various zipline and rope course industry leaders to design and create protective padding that takes into account the needs of the natural
environment it is used in. Standard and custom size and style options for platform landing pads and tree padding are easily accommodated. All pads are made with our impact absorbing open and closed-cell waterproof foams and 1000 denier polyester PVC coated cover material. Our pads are extremely functional, will look great for years to come and are available in multiple colors with custom screen printing and embroidery options.
Warning/Caution upgrade available for all ski area padding
Enhance the visibility and safety of you ski area padding by incorporating Tube Pro™ custom caution/warning feature which can be easily sewn to the exterior of a variety of ski area pads. This feature attracts visual attention with the alternating color patterns. The warning/caution ribbon is made from high quality 19 oz. PVC coated 1000 denier material, and is an economical add on feature to any pad purchase. Large wording can also be made by robotic cutting out of letters and sewing them on the pads.
Screen Printed or Embroidered Logos
We can easily print your resort or sponsorship logo on the pad covers if desired. Work with a sponsor logo to share your padding costs and dramatically increase your return on investment. This will guarantee thousands of brand logo exposures per day at your hill. Ask about this feature and we can prepare a quote for you.
View padding summary page for stock size and material specifications. Custom sizes are possible. Stock colors are BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE and Safety YELLOW other colors are available upon request.

Please give us a call or email for additional product details and pricing.

All Tube Pro safety padding & covers are made in North America.
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Tube Pro Inc. BBB Business Review