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Tube Pro™ snow tubes are designed specifically for commercial resort tubing applications. Forty-one inches (102.5 cm) in diameter, the snow tube is capable of withstanding the weight of a very large person. The inner diameter of the rubber tube within the snow tube cover is under 20" (50 cm), making it suitable for all riders. All Tube Pro snow tube covers are made in North America.
The snow tube canvas top is constructed of heavy duty 600 denier polyester. For superior abrasion resistance and handle tear prevention upgrade to 1000 denier nylon or PVC coated 1000 denier polyester cover top. This material is water repellent, mildew resistant, and UV protected. Polyester and nylon is famous for the ability to retain its original color while enduring maximum sunlight exposure. Our snow tube covers look great and will attract customers to your hill for years to come.
The support handles and exterior trim of the snow tube cover are made from heavy-duty automotive seat belt webbing, and the "W" stitch pattern on our handles is one of the strongest invented. Ask about our custom third handle option.
The tow-rope used to attach the snow tube to the ski lift is made from heavy-duty polyester strap webbing with over 4000 lbs (1818 kg) of tensile strength. Our molded teardrop shaped elastic rubber ring is sewn to the strap webbing. This shape is ideal for quick lift hook-ups. The elongated shape allows for smoother tube loading transitions and decreased detachments during sudden stops.
An alternative option for operations with conveyor carpet ski lift is our pull rope lanyard with a sewn loop handle made from polyester strap webbing with over 4000 lbs (1818 kg) of tensile strength. Polyester webbing resists water absorption better than nylon substitutes.
By connecting the tow-rope through the plastic bottom, the snow tube has a lower center of gravity exerting less stress on the snow tube cover and sew lines when being pulled up the hill.
Our revolutionary rugged hard plastic bottom is made from high molecular weight polyethylene plastic displaying high impact strength and superior cold crack resistance. Our snow tube bottoms slide under all snow conditions and can withstand temperatures below -60°. Choose between our standard smooth black bottom or our slower textured bottoms. Textured bottoms are designed for hills with minimum run out. (two speeds available). Textured Bottoms can be sewn to cover tops or separately to insert under existing covers for "quick changes" when conditions fluctuate.
Tube Pro single 43" (109 cm) soft bottom tube covers are made with a heavy 40 oz. urethane material, with all the same quality features of our hard bottom snow tubes. Our custom 40 oz. heavy-duty urethane material slides well in all snow conditions. The pull rope connection features extra webbing reinforcement.

Our carbon based "butyl" rubber tube inside the cover is reinforced with thicker sidewalls for added protection. Our inner tubes are specifically designed for river and snow tubing applications. Tubes can be purchased and used with and without covers. Our standard R20 is 41" - 44" (102.5 - 110 cm) and smaller R15 is 31" - 33" (77.5 - 82.5 cm) in diameter are made with reinforced rubber sidewalls and complete with our stock 1" (2.5 cm) rubber valve stem.

Custom screen printing of your resort or sponsorship logo is available. The thermal plastic inks used for printing on our snow tube covers are designed for canvas surfaces that are exposed to weathering. Custom printing is an inexpensive advertising opportunity to enhance your brand recognition and to ensure tubes are returned to your operation. Subsidy sponsorship may be available through local vendor opportunities. Investing in custom printing for your resort will enhance security, publicity and sales.

For ultimate snow tubing comfort, Foam Insert Pads are designed to cushion snow tubers while sliding down the tubing hill. Cut from closed-cell waterproof foam, and sewn within a durable polyester canvas cover, these pads do not absorb water and can be inserted and removed before or after inflation of the tube. Foam insert pads are 15" (38 cm) for 31" tubes and 22" (55 cm) for 41" tubes. Since the pads are slightly larger than the inner diameter of the inflated tube, the inserts will not fall out of the cover when turned upside down to remove the snow and ice. Available in red/blue.

Our famous "Snow Tube Links" allow for two hard bottom snow tubes to be linked together for double the fun, and to increase snow tube lift capacity. The stainless steel tube link has a pull strength of 3500 lbs (1591 kg). Links can be secured with a wrench then easily removed when snow tubes need to be separated. To prevent added stress on sew lines, snow tube links are inserted through an additional hole punched in the plastic bottom during manufacturing. Our tube-to-tube connectors are an innovative approach to enhance lift capacity and a thrilling way for two people to take a run down your hill.
31" (77.5 cm) SNOW TUBE

Made with all the same quality features of our larger 41" snow tube. The R15 inner tube has an inflated inner diameter of 13" for a snug fit.

Double the thrill and double the fun with the Tube Pro™ double rider snow tube! The inflated dimension of the snow tube is 78" long by 41" wide and is made with many of the same quality features of our traditional 41" snow tube. The Tube Pro™ double rider snow tube cover is constructed with a 600 denier polyester canvas top (available in Red and Blue) which is water and mildew resistant, as well as UV protected. The double snow tube cover bottom is made with our custom 40 oz. urethane, which slides well in all snow conditions. A vinyl 'bumper' is sewn to connect the top and bottom of the snow tube cover and is designed to fit the curves of the rubber inner tube creating clean lines and an attractive look. In addition to escalating snow tubing fun for all ages, our double rider snow tube will increase up hill lift capacity and down hill run capacity. This creates a speedier and more profitable tube operation, in addition to enhancing the riders experience and satisfaction.
Our 43" (109 cm) single rider and double rider soft urethane bottom snow tubes feature a tow-strap connection with extra webbing reinforcement. It is compatible with our rubber ring tow-rope (ideal for quick lift hook-ups) or nylon loop tow-rope handle (ideal for conveyor carpet lifts).


Our custom Tube Pro™ IceSled was specifically designed for commercial sledding applications; consisting of natural and man-made synthetic ice lanes and slide amusements, as well as European style bob and luge runs. Developed for the amusement industry, our IceSled is an economical solution for ski hills that want to add sledding as an amenity feature for their kinder hills without the infrastructure costs. There is no assembly required and the riding dimensions of the sled is 42" long by 18" wide. The padded seat surface is covered with durable 19 oz PVC coated 1000 denier vinyl material. The closed cell waterproof foam core which makes up the interior of the Tube Pro™ IceSled adds structure and comfort for riders of all ages. The Tube Pro™ IceSled bottom is molded with our custom concave shaped high molecular weight polyethylene plastic. Our plastic dish shaped base with running groves will slide well in all snow conditions and can withstand temperatures below -60°. IceSled features support handles and a tow strap connection that is made from heavy-duty automotive seat belt webbing; sewn into the plastic base and also secured with heavy-duty webbing trim.
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Tube Pro Inc. BBB Business Review