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Tube Pro has succeeded in setting the standard in the resort snow tubing and river tubing market worldwide. We have many different models of commercial quality Vinyl Waterpark tubes in a variety of style options! Tube Pro™ waterpark tubes are manufactured with our custom heavy-duty 30-40 gauge PVC and double welded vinyl seams to complete the rugged design. Our K80 PVC is fade resistant and works great for a variety of water activities because it withstands UV light and chlorine exposure, increasing tube longevity.
Year round we stock our Custom Safety Blue, Transparent Clear, Translucent Blue and Yellow tubes in most sizes and rider configurations. Our Safety Blue and Transparent tubes mimic the color of the water to decrease visual distraction for lifeguards; increasing their focus on safe water activities. The subtle blue ink graphic with small forward directional arrow promotes a proper seated position for slide riding and is complimentary to all indoor and outdoor waterpark establishments. Tube Pro™ waterpark tubes meet industry safety standards and comply with pool and slide manufactures size recommendations.
We keep the riders comfort in mind with several waterpark tube models and sizes with custom features available. All Tube Pro™ single and multi-rider tube models feature strong double welded smooth inner seams to help prevent tube blow outs. TP38 and TP44 tube models have an inflated inner hole diameter measuring 16" (40 cm). Our smaller TP32 models have an inner diameter of 14" (35 cm). The Tube Pro™ 38" single rider (TP38) Waterpark tubes are great for kids and smaller persons. Since the outer diameter is smaller it is the perfect size so they can reach into the water to maneuver themselves around. The inner diameter is 16" (40 cm) on all waterpark tube so it is large enough to sit in, but small enough to keep behinds from dunking too far into the water.
Standard Tube Pro™ waterpark tubes feature a single main air chamber with a small push-in valve and large heavy-duty rider support handles with finger grooves which are great for gripping while enjoying a waterpark wave pool, flying down a water slide or relaxing down a lazy river float. Handles are ergonomically placed for a comfortable riding position.
All Tube Pro™ waterpark tube model codes are based on INFLATED dimensions, deflated dimensions are listed for comparisons. The Tube Pro™ 44" single rider (TP44) Waterpark tubes are great for adults because they are big enough to hold the weight of larger person and still maintain buoyancy. The inner diameter is 16" (40 cm), creating more comfort by sitting a little deeper into the waterpark tube for the ride and offering more back support. The Tube Pro™ U-FLOAT is made with a reinforced sling support seat for easier accessibility to all riders. The comfortable upright seated position increases float capacity and decreases congestion
The Tube Pro™ double rider (TP38D, TP44D) Waterpark tube is great for a ride with a friend, keeping a little one company, or stretching out in a lounge position on your own. TheTP44D-BLUE-H double tubes are available with a single tube floor in the front or a double tube floor in the front and back inner diameter hole.
Tube Pro triple rider waterpark tube is measures 48" x 108" (120 cm x 274 cm) for deflated dimensions and features three 16" (40 cm) inner diameter open holes. Featuring our standard 30 gauge K80 PVC vinyl and easy inflation with a single main air chamber with small push-in valve. Six large support handles offer multiple gripping locations for riders.

Adjustable Float Tube Seat

Tube Pro™ adjustable tube seats keep riders stable in the middle of the tube and provide increased comfort. This item has been especially popular to accommodate floats for small children, riders with additional mobility requirements and individuals with special needs. Our reversible 600 denier canvas float tube seat is made with a closed-cell waterproof foam core and is universal for all Tube Pro™ PVC models with a 16" (40 cm) inner diameter hole. Available in Red/Blue.

Use with Tube Only - Includes 4 black adjustable webbing straps with Velcro closures and buckles that wrap around the main chamber of the tube for the seat to clip into. Inner tube seats are generally compatible with any make of tube with a 11" air chamber diameter or minimum 35" inflated circumference.

Premium Waterpark Tubes

Our premium heat welded overlap seam tubes will increase tube longevity and your guests will experience increased rider comfort while seated in the tube. The exterior pinch welded seam on standard waterpark tubes is the most problematic area for tube abrasion. The smooth exterior overlap seam of our premium line prevents exterior seam leakage maximizing tube life expectancy. Stock overlap seam tubes are made with heavy-duty 30 gauge K80 PVC vinyl, large support handles and 16" (40 cm) inner diameter hole with smooth inner seam. Tube Pro™ overlap seam tubes utilize a larger quick inflation/deflation safety valve that is recessed and has a tamper resistant tightening slot. Custom colors and printing are available based on quantity orders and appropriate production and delivery lead times.
All Tube Pro™ specialty and multi-rider waterpark tubes are constructed from superior heavy-duty 30-40 gauge thick K80 PVC material. The Tube Pro™ specialty waterpark tubes are built to handle serpentine corners, plunge down pitches and stability around a waterslide bowl. All tube styles are outfitted with large heavy-duty rider support handles. Finger grooves on the handles are great for gripping when sliding down waterslides, are ergonomically placed for a comfortable riding position.

Triangle Waterpark Tube

58.5" x 62" (148 cm x 157 cm) deflated outer dimensions
54" x 57" (137 cm x 145 cm) inflated outer dimensions
Single main air chamber with small push-in valve
30 gauge K80 PVC vinyl
Stock model code: TPTT-BLUE-H

Quad Waterpark Tube

78" X 78" (198 cm X 198 cm) deflated outer dimensions
76" x 76" (193 cm x 193 cm) inflated outer dimensions
Single main air chamber with recessed safety valve
40 gauge K80 PVC vinyl
Stock model code: TP-QUAD-BLUE-H
Smooth overlap seams model code : TP-QUAD-BLUE-H (OVERLAP)
All Tube Pro™ waterpark standard and specialty tubes include circular PVC patches with glue tube. Urethane glue helps seal problematic hard to patch seam areas. PVC tube patches are circular in shape, and the same color and material as the tube, for a professional repaired look and increased longevity.

Custom Tarpaulin Tubes

Custom tarpaulin tubes utilize heat welded or glued overlap seams and are constructed from heavy-duty 40 gauge PVC or higher durometer material with added fabric scrim. Reinforced webbing handles are glued to tube top. Minimum quantity and lead times are required for all custom tubes.

Custom PVC Shapes, Colors & Graphics

With proper delivery lead times and order quantities, we regularly make custom shapes, designs and alternative inflation valves. Optional "bullet" style, backrests and extra handles can be easily added upon request. Printing your waterpark logo on tubes is a great way to distinguish your waterpark brand and create a lasting memory for your guests. Custom printing a sponsorship logo can also help subsidize the tube cost. All Tube Pro™ graphics on transparent tubes are printed on the inside of the PVC preventing ink wear with usage.
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Tube Pro Inc. BBB Business Review