Commercial PVC Vinyl River Tube Product & Accessory Info

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Superior quality commercial grade Tube Pro™ vinyl river tubes are manufactured with our custom heavy-duty 30 gauge PVC (0.90 mm thick) and double welded seams to help prevent blow outs. To complete our rugged design, our K80 PVC is fade resistant and works great for a variety of water activities as it withstands UV light and chlorine exposure to increase tube longevity. Tube Pro™ PVC float tubes are custom designed with dual air chambers, featuring a safety chamber with small push-in valve and a recessed boston valve for quick inflation/deflation of main chamber. Year round we stock our Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue and Green tubes in most sizes and rider configurations.
Custom colors and printing are available based on quantity orders and with proper production and delivery lead time.
All Tube Pro™ river tube model codes are based on INFLATED dimensions. Deflated dimensions are listed for comparisons. Our premium backrest has its own secondary air chamber to allow for inflation to the perfect firmness and a comfortable fit. The backrest feature is available on TP38, TP44 and TP48 models listed. TP38 (42" deflated) float tube is great for smaller riders to experience a river float. The smaller air chamber enables the user to reach into the water for paddling and maneuvering. TP44 (48" deflated) float tubes are the most universal and popular size, with the most upgrade options available. TP48 (52" deflated) single rider float tubes are great for larger riders, as the bigger air chamber offers increased buoyancy. The smooth bulge inner seams are very comforting for riders of all sizes. The TP54 (60" deflated) is our largest single rider float tube available.
Our PVC vinyl river tubes work great when used in pools, lazy rivers, tube chutes, natural river floats, and rapids. Our river float tubes are an inexpensive option that will endure play time, UV light and chlorine exposure. The PVC material is easy to rinse off after a trip down a murky river and a day of water fun. Our main chamber recessed boston valve allows for quick & easy inflation/deflation using common types of air pumps and compressors. A small push-in valve is used for the safety chamber and backrests.
We keep the riders comfort in mind with several river float tube models and sizes with custom features available. All river tube styles feature a smooth inner seam. All our river tubes are outfitted with large heavy duty rider support handles, which are great for gripping while enjoying relaxing down a lazy river float or a bumpy ride through sets of rapids. In addition, a cup holder feature is available on select models to enjoy your favorite beverage along the ride! Handles and cup holders are ergonomically placed for a comfortable riding position.
The Tube Pro™ 44" single rider (48" deflated) river tubes are the most universal size for adults and kids. Since the inflated outer diameter is only 44", it is the perfect size so they can reach into the water to maneuver themselves around. The vinyl river tube inner diameter hole is large enough to sit in, but small enough to keep behinds from dunking too far into the water.
The Tube Pro™ 48" single rider (52" deflated) river tubes are great for adults because they are big enough to hold the weight of larger person and still maintain great buoyancy. Our TP54 (60" deflated) tube has a inner diameter is 18" (45 cm). The vinyl river tube inner diameter hole is slightly larger, creating more comfort by sitting a little deeper into the inner tube for the ride and offering more back support.

PVC Vinyl Tube Canvas Cover Top

All single rider tubes are available with covers in a variety of color & style options. Add luxury and comfort with the standard 600 denier canvas cover that offer increased protection from river debris and additional rider comfort. For very abrasive river conditions a super coated cover bottom made from 19 oz. PVC coated 1000 denier fabric is the strongest option available. Universal design to accommodate all TP44, TP48 & TP54 models, including backrests & cup holder features.
Open Hole Bottom Canvas Cover
The large open hole is measured to protect the main point of contact/abrasion on the vinyl tube, while providing instant drainage when pulled from the water. This cover style is great for transporting tubes with a canoe trailer and for those who prefer a traditional donut shape and getting wet. If you need instant drainage chose our cover design with a large 22.5"-25" circle cut out which protects the bottom apex of the tube and hugs the curve of the inner diameter hole. This heavy duty material provides increased abrasion resistance and is proven especially effective for shallow, rocky rivers. Designed for TP44, TP48 & TP54 size tubes.
Grommet Bottom Canvas Cover features full canvas bottom with 4 black plastic drainage grommets allows water circulation for rider stability and to contain personal items to minimize river garbage. Most common cover style and is suitable for all river conditions.
Seven Inch Hole Bottom Canvas Cover features full canvas bottom with 7" (17.5 cm) diameter hole enables quick drainage when pulled from the water. This cover style most commonly used when transporting tubes with a pole or canoe trailer. Custom sized holes and hole placement are available upon request.

All Tube Pro river tube covers are made in North America.

Custom River Tube Upgrades & Accessories

Super Coated Bottom
Our 1000 denier fabric coated with 19 oz. PVC vinyl is our strongest option. This heavy duty material provides increased abrasion resistance and is proven especially effective for shallow, rocky rivers.
Available Cover Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black

Cooler Carriers

When it comes to river tubing amenities; we have pioneered a custom product to cater for the river tubing enthusiasts. The Tube Pro™ Cooler Carrier outer dimensions are 48" x 36" (122 cm x 91 cm) and is engineered to hold a 36 qt. to 50 qt. sized cooler and float 250 lbs! Keeping with Tube Pros commercial grade standards, the Cooler Carrier is made of robust 30 gauge PVC vinyl with a fully enclosed reinforced tube floor. Our floating cooler was designed to be easily inflated and deflated using the recessed Boston valve. With its raft like function, the Tube Pro Cooler Carrier has a low profile design for a low center of gravity to increase stability in the water, as well as high side walls for a snug fit when transporting the cooler.
For added protection and abrasive river conditions, upgrade your Tube Pro Cooler Carrier to include a rugged 600 denier canvas cover. Our Cooler Carrier Mini offers more compact outer dimensions of 38" x 30" (97 cm x 76 cm) with all the same features as the our larger Cooler Carrier. The Cooler Carrier mini comfortably floats a 12-36 qt cooler or 150 lbs.
TP50QT is available in Yellow and Orange. TP36QT is available in Royal Blue.

Custom Colors & Printing

Custom Printing on PVC
Printing your logo on PVC tubes is a great way to distinguish your river operation and create a lasting memory for your guests. Create partnerships with local businesses or beverage/bottling company for sponsorship opportunities to help subsidize your tube cost. Custom PVC colors, printing and sizes are available based on quantity orders. Add a backrest, cup holder or floor to any vinyl tube style with appropriate production and delivery lead times to make a statement about your river tube operation that is different from the rest!
Custom Screen Printing
Thermal inks used to print on our canvas tube covers are specially designed for printing on polyester surfaces and resist weathering. Printing your logo on river tube covers is a great way to distinguish between neighboring operations, ensure river tubes are returned to the proper operation and deterring theft. Custom printing your logo, name and phone number is an inexpensive advertising opportunity to enhance your brand recognition and to ensure tubes are returned to your facility after a rental trip. Consider contacting local businesses to participate in your unique river tube advertising venture as a superior investment, with a lasting visual impact. With standard logo sizes of 9" tall by 14" long, it is easily visible from the shoreline.

Adjustable River Tube Seat

Tube Pro™ river tube seats keep riders up off rocky or colder rivers to provide increased comfort. Our reversible 600 denier canvas river tube seat is made with a closed-cell waterproof foam core and is universal for all Tube Pro™ rubber and PVC models & covers. Available in Red/Blue.

Use with Tube Only - Includes 4 black adjustable webbing straps with Velcro closures and buckles that wrap around the main chamber of the tube for the seat to clip into. Inner tube seats are generally compatible with any make of tube with a 11" air chamber diameter or minimum 35" inflated circumference.

Sewn to Tube Cover - Order the river tube seat with a cover. Includes 4 black buckle adjustable gussets sewn to the tube cover exterior for the seat to clip into.
River Tube Storage Pocket

Upgrade your river tube cover to include a large 8" x 6" (20 cm x 15 cm) storage pocket sewn to the cover with a rugged Velcro closure. Great for keeping keys, wallet, sunscreen, sunglasses and other personal items safe along your trip. Available in RED and BLUE.
River Tube Paddle
TP-PADDLE-37": Single blade river tube paddle measures 37" (92.5 cm) in length, complete with the black plastic shaft and single 11" (27.5 cm) red plastic blade.
River Tube Linking Ropes

Tube link ropes are perfect for connecting to tubes, cooler carriers and canoes. Our black webbing strap 60" (152 cm) sewn with quick release buckles to quickly link/unlink tubes through tube handles. No more knotted ropes!
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Tube Pro Inc. BBB Business Review