X - TP44-ROYALBACK-HC Out of stock until Aug 6th


Product Description:
$32 each or 6 for $180 ($30 each)

2 for 1 shipping - Order a second river tube for no additional shipping cost!
Accessories can be added by selecting the product option from the drop down. There is NO additional shipping costs for added features using this method.

Product Features:
Single rider
44 " (110 cm) inflated outer diameter
48 " (120 cm) deflated outer diameter
16 " (40 cm) inner diameter with open hole
30 gauge BLUE PVC vinyl
2 air chambers; Safety chamber and main chamber with Boston valve
1 back rest with separate air chamber to adjust firmness
1 beverage cup holder
2 large support handles
Repair kit included: matching circular PVC patches and urethane glue tube