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2 Snow Tube Deal (41" Large) 2/$240 - $10 INSTANT SAVINGS + 2 for 1 Shipping + FREE Upgrades!

Build your own snow tube deal - Over $46 Instant Savings - FREE Rubber Ring Handle sewn to pull ropes + 2 for 1 shipping + INSTANT $10.00 TUBE SAVINGS!

Two HARD Bottom tubes shipped for the price of one!
Pick your tube colors and options. Designed to last for personal use, the Tube Pro retail snow tube is identical to our famous commercial resort tube.

FREE Rubber Ring handle lanyards ($36.00 value)
41" (102.5 cm) outer diameter
20" (50 cm) inner diameter
R20 Reinforced rubber inner tube
Hard polyethylene plastic bottom
600 denier polyester canvas top
2 Heavy duty support handles

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