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TubeTracker™PRO Covered Steerable River Tube



TubeTracker-PRO-rapids.gifTube Pro’s NEW revolutionary TubeTracker™ and TubeTracker™PRO are the only river tubes designed for river navigation with superior stability. Agile and buoyant, the streamlined shape allows for fluid paddling in both lazy floats, and more extreme whitewater conditions. Three precise tracking fins on the bottom allow for tight turning and maneuvering. The sturdy and comfortable backrest is ideal for longer river floats and specially designed to rest against the top of your shoulder blades for superior back support. When not paddling through currents, affix the paddle in the oar holders and lean back and enjoy a beverage from the cup holder. The TubeTracker™PRO heavy tarpaulin PVC/polyester bottom sewn to a 800 denier nylon cover top will provide superior abrasion resistance for shallow or turbulent whitewater conditions. The design of the sewn cover allows some water to enter and circulate int he bottom of the tube/cover ensuring stability in whitewater conditions. 




TubeTracker™PRO with COVER and Paddle:

  • 840 Nylon cover top with durable 0.60 mm PVC coated 1000 denier polyester tarpaulin bottom
  • 60” x 40” (150 cm x 100 cm) Inflated outer chamber with exterior backrest
  • 22” x 15” (55 cm x 37.5 cm) Separate inflated seat chamber with small push-in valve
  • 30 Gauge heavy-duty commercial PVC
  • 3 Heavy-duty plastic tracking fins on bottom (dimensions 6” x 2.5”)
  • 1 Plastic 70” (175 cm) kayak paddle with oar mounts on tube
  • 1 Cup holder
  • 2 Large foam covered sewn handles for transport/carrying
  • Single boston valve for quick inflation/deflation of main air chamber
  • Tube assembled in cover, ready for inflation
  • Individually boxed: 24.50”x18”x6”








 TubeTracker-Grand-River-201.gif    TubeTracker-Grand-River-124_1.gif

TubeTrackerPRO-Grand-River-.gif          TubeTracker-Lake-Huron-121.gif        


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