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Polo Sport by Tube Pro - Water Polo tubes

Introducing Polo Sport by Tube Pro,
designed specifically for Inner Tube Water Polo!
TP33-POLO-BLUE side.jpg             TP33-POLO-YELLOW back.jpg
TP33-POLO-BLUE                   TP33-POLO-YELLOW
Tube Pro is a premier supplier of commercial grade PVC tubes for various industries worldwide. We have applied our expertise to manufacture our NEW heavy-duty Polo Sport water tube specifically designed for varsity inner tube water polo applications. Polo Sport by Tube Pro features a 33" inflated outer diameter, which is preferred size for the majority of water polo players. The smaller outer diameter allows players to maximize their game maneuvers in the water, and the 16" inner diameter hole is the perfect fit for central tube stability.
To maximize player comfort our water polo tubes are manufactured with smooth inner seams and a small push-in inflation valve that is placed near the exterior seam on the tube, as to be out of the players way. In addition Tube Pro inner tube water polo tubes DO NOT have handles, which can interfere with player mobility in the water.
Increased player mobility features: waterpolo tube group team pool.jpg
  • NO handles to interfere with game mobility
  • 37" deflated outer diameter
  • 33" inflated outer diameter
  • 16" inner diameter hole
  • Made with heavy-duty 30 gauge PVC vinyl 
  • Doubled welded, smooth inner seams
  • Single main air chamber with small push in valve
  • 2 self -adhesive repair patches per unit
  • Available in BLUE and YELLOW
waterpolo tube group team goal.jpg            waterpolo tube group team.jpg 
Contact the Pro's 1-866-882-3776 for further product details and pricing, standard shipping is 3-5 business days.