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Why Buy from Tube Pro?

Tube Pro Inc has been in the tubing and manufacturing business for many years and we realize the need for high quality inner tubes and custom canvas covers. Like most, you are concerned about safety, and need to ensure your tubing adventure is a success. With the influx of cheaply made tubes, all too often a fun outing turns sour when the tube pops and the activity ends abruptly.

Tube Pro™ inner tubes are manufactured with thicker gauge rubber sidewalls from durable ‘butyl’ rubber. Our complete unit (inner tube and cover) provide the ultimate protection for ultimate tube longevity. Our inner tubes can be easily patched with a standard tube repair kit if you managed to get a hole in it.

Tube Pro™ inner tubes have a smaller 1" rubber valve stem. This flexible design decreases the scratching and cutting that a typical long, curved metal valve stem may do. As good as our flexible valve stem is, please use caution to avoid direct contact of the valve stem with skin or eyes, and carefully follow our Tube Pro™ inflation instructions.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process and using real rubber, tubes may sometimes blow up slightly unevenly, but this does not indicate they are defective. Traditional truck tire inner tubes were designed to be in a high pressure environment (encased within a tire); therefore for recreational purposes the inner tube itself typically has no limiting pressures. Our custom covers, designed for various tubing applications, have been designed to support proper tube shape during inflation by creating a moderate pressure environment with the cover.

We know our recreation specific custom designed Tube Pro™ tubes and covers are excellent for floating, river tubing, snow tubing and boat tubing, but only in accordance with their intended use, proper storage and adherence to warning labels.

Cautions and Disclaimers

Tube Pro Inc.,, assume no responsibility for injuries resulting from misuse or unsafe use of Tube Pro™ products. Extreme caution should be used when filling tubes with air, using tubes and deflating tubes.