Commercial Ski Resort Multi-Rider Family Snow Rafts

Now the whole family can enjoy the ride down the hill together in Tube Pro™ Multi-Rider Snow Rafts. Snow Rafts can be pulled on the tow line, or transported up on a carpet conveyor. The smaller TP68-R-BLUE / TP78-R-BLUE raft with cover are better suited sizes for conveyor transport. Our TUBE PRO™ custom snow raft and cover was designed specifically as a two part unit to ensure the cover could be easily replaced and repaired due to wear over time.
Our raft cover is made from 40 oz urethane material which has proven to be effective and durable for sliding at commercial resort operations. This is the same proven material we use for Tube Pro™ single and double soft bottom commercial snow tube covers. Our snow raft material features a combination of PVC material for abrasion resistance and urethane for sliding. All Tube Pro snow raft covers are made in North America. Our family snow raft interior features a solid floor with 2" waterproof impact absorbing closed-cell foam. This built in comfort feature is great for cushioning a bumpy ride for all family members and friends.
Product Features:
40 oz heavy duty 1000 denier reinforced PVC inflatable chamber
40 oz. Urethane bottom cover
2" closed-cell foam floor for comfort
8 upper and 6 lower heavy-duty sewn webbing support handles
Heavy-duty tow harness for lift line connection
H3 Raft inflation valve - for quick inflation/deflation
Repair kit included: matching circular PVC patches and urethane glue tube
TP68 SNOW RAFT (2-3 Adult riders)
TP78 SNOW RAFT (3-4 Adult riders)
TP96 SNOW RAFT (5-6 Adult riders)
The Tube Pro Snow Raft inflatable chamber is constructed from superior quality heavy-duty whitewater rafting PVC tarpaulin material. The raft top comprises of 31 oz. 1000 denier reinforced PVC and the bottom is made with extra heavy 40 oz. 1000 denier reinforced PVC. Each raft comes with extra 4" (10 cm) diameter circle patches and a urethane glue tube for any repairs that are needed. Within the reinforced raft floor bottom is 2" thick waterproof closed-cell foam. This foam core helps cushions any bumps when traveling down the hill.
Our H3 raft inflation valve allows for easy inflation from typical whitewater rafting or tube inflation pump. Eight upper and six lower heavy-duty sewn webbing support handles allow for multiple gripping locations making it easy for raft users large and small to secure their seating position.
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